Gaming and its history

Gaming and its history

Since its commercial birth in the 1950s as a technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world.

The mobile technology boom in recent years has revolutionized the industry and opened the doors to a new generation of gamers. Indeed, gaming has become so integrated with modern popular culture that now even grandmas know what Angry Birds is.

However, at DEGPI we are more focused on our consoles and thought it to be relevant to give you a brief history about the Xbox Consoles. Buckle up and bring out your tissues because you will find yourself with some nostalgia feelings along it.

The Xbox is a brand of gaming consoles released and maintained by its parent company Microsoft. Microsoft, primarily a software company, dabbled into the gaming console business in the early 2000s and has since been going strong. The Xbox is one of the most dominant consoles on the market in the current day and age.

In 1977, Atari borrowed the term "joystick" from aviation when it unveiled its Video Computer System. Earlier Atari Pong games didn't have joystick-style controllers since Pong didn't need much controlling. But new games needed a cursor that could be moved in any direction. Other manufacturers took notice and within a few years, a half-dozen systems hit the market with the joystick as the primary controller. The first generation of home computers from Commodore, Radio Shack, Atari and Apple was designed to accept joysticks, too.

Unfortunately, the IBM personal computer wasn't designed with games in mind, and it took a while before the industry standardized a system that incorporated a joystick port into the computer's sound card. Serious gamers used separate expansion cards designed for games, which often led to conflicts. Those problems have largely disappeared with the advent of the plug-and-play joystick, which connects through a computer's Universal Serial Bus port.

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Let´s go back to the 2000´s, the Xbox, Microsoft’s first entry into the world of console, was released in 2001, which placed it in direct competition with Sony Play Station 2 and Nintendo´s GameCube.

Concerned about Sony’s successful PlayStation console damaging the personal computer market, the notion that Microsoft should develop its own gaming console began gaining traction way back in 1998, with Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley, Otto Berkes, and Ted Hase forming the software giant’s first console team after successfully pitching their idea to Bill Gates. The system—originally termed the DirectX-box for its use of the eponymus video software—underwent multiple launch delays and several pricing adjustments after it made its debut.

The system would run on Windows 2000, making it easy for traditional PC software developers to work within the console’s architecture, and feature more than twice the processing power of the industry-leading PlayStation 2. Despite the marketing team’s belief that the abbreviated “Xbox” name wouldn’t fly, the label went over well with focus groups, providing the company with one of the final elements it needed to pull back the curtain on its creation: A catchy name.

Just two years later, Microsoft was ready to go public with its console, and that’s exactly what Bill Gates did at the Game Developers Conference in 2000. Teasing the system’s vastly improved specs and the potential for both online play and internal storage of downloaded content — games and media – Gates managed to get the world’s attention.

Nearly a full year later, Bill Gates, with help from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, revealed the final design of the Xbox at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, along with the system’s official release date.

In 2005 the Xbox was replaced by Microsoft’sXbox 360 , but, even with a superior console available, many players continued to use the original Xbox and take advantage of the Xbox Live network. Hardware modification and software piracy remained an issue with the Xbox 360, but Microsoft took the dramatic step of banning one million accounts from the Xbox Live network in 2009 when it detected that those users had Circumvented the company’s digital rights management protections. In an intensely competitive market, where the Xbox 360 faced strong pressure from the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft struggled to make consistent profits from its console.

Nintendo UK was established in January 2001, and a new office opened in Slough, Berkshire, UK. Pokémon Gold and Silver for Game Boy Color were simultaneously and successfully launched in Europe on 6 April, 2001. Over its launch weekend, one million units of Pokémon Gold and Silver were sold, making it the fastest selling game ever in Europe. Game Boy Advance launched on 21 March in Japan, 11 June in US and 22 June across Europe. It set the mark as the fastest selling console ever with 500,000 units being sold within the first week in Europe. Game Boy Advance launch successes included first-party favourites such as Super Mario Advance and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

Early 2011 saw the release of Nintendo 3DS, which allows users to see stereoscopic 3D visuals without the need for special glasses. The system launched with a varied software line-up, including Nintendo-developed games Pilotwings Resort and nintendogs + cats, and its catalogue expanded in May with Steel Diver and Dead or Alive Dimensions, distributed and marketed in Europe by Nintendo.


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